AWD e-fatbike 'Sandkatze' MMI details

The MMI (Man-Machine-Interface) components of the Sandkatze consist of 4 seperate units:

1 - the Thrigger

The Thrigger (Throttle and Trigger) is a trigger like device that acts as a throttle. With the Thrigger, you control the speed of the motors. The unit is hall sensor based and has 2 carbon fibre leaf springs that can be individually tuned to allow you to obtain your optimal feel whilst riding on throttle sensitive sections of a track.

2 - the Tworque Wheel

The Tworque Wheel (Twist and Torque) is a potentiometer with a silicone wheel for excellent grip. With the Tworque Wheel, you control the power of the motors.

3 - the CA3-CX Monitor

The CA3-CX is a special edition Cycle Analyst V3. With the CA3-CX, you can control and monitor the performance of your vehicle. The CA3-CX is fully programmable via your PC.

4 - the Auto-PAS function

The Auto-PAS function is an option that can be realised with the CA3-CX. You can control your vehicle with the pedal sensor. Allows for a relaxed hands-free riding.