AWD All Wheel Drive e-fatbike made in Germany by e-bike-technologies

If you want to ride an e-bike in the Outback, you need something very special. Out there where the sands and rocks and the sun rule, only what is reliable counts.

Knowing from experience what conditions out there can be like, this e-fatbike is made for the adventurer.

The frame and fork of the e-fatbike are made from aircraft grade 4130 Chrome Moly steel tubing, which is durable and tough. It can carry a remarkable load and can easily be fixed by a local mechanic with a blowtorch and some hard solder on hand should the need arise.

2 powerful, geared electric motors, each with 130 Nm torque centred within the wheels and 4.8“ wide tires make for sure swift movement and excellent traction from soft sand to fistsize rocks at speeds up to 32 kmh, or 20 mph.

2 lithium 48 V batteries, with a total capacity of 1900 Wh, provide ample power and reach.

The MMI (Man Machine Interface) consists of a Tworque wheel to regulate the power of the motors, a Thrigger to regulate the speed of the motors, and a CA3-CX Display for visual feedback. An optional Auto-PAS (Pedal Activ Sensor) can be activated.